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cindy alexander

Cindy Alexander


   My love for all things literary was born within my little girl’s imaginative mind. Although the middle child of a twelve-sibling family, I found myself happier wrapped up in a book rather than spending time with my siblings or friends. When a neighbor donated dozens of children’s books to our family, I had the audacity to setup a library system until incessant complaints from my sisters forced my mom to shut me down.


   The idea for this first book, A Breath Away, and the other books for The Regifted Series, had to be a “God” thing. I’ve always been a non-fiction writer and reader. Fiction was a continent away and I had no desire to touch it.

A year prior, these book ideas came into my head and I dismissed them as a topic someone else could write. In the past, I’ve written some poetry and recently completed quite a few fiction stories for freelance writing jobs, but I had no idea whether this could be possible.


   I started jotting down stories, put them all in a notebook, and began to see the progression of several book ideas, including this first book, A Breath Away. Petrified at the thought of attempting to write a novel, I researched and read quite a few fiction books from Nicolas Sparks to Nora Roberts and James Patterson. I attended and conferences offered various fiction writing classes and perused many resources.


   Shortly after this time of discovery, (actually fear and trembling) the story and plot for this first book came marauding into my thoughts, and I hardly went a day without typing or scribbling ideas on paper.


   I like to add a bit to the phrase, “Write what you know … and know what you write.” I know much about all types of organ donation and continue to learn more. I’m constantly reading and studying plot and progression of fiction novels. After reading many books, I know what I don’t want to do, and have learned how I want my writing to be—engaging, page-turning, relative, fantastic writing.


   A Breath Away is book one in the series, and introduces these contemporary fiction novels with intriguing family drama, the fight for a young girl’s life, and the ultimate gift of life—a double lung transplant.


   Public awareness about the critical need for organ donors is prevalent in many social arenas and will be highlighted as the waiting list grows, mainly due to the lack of registered donors. I am a trained Donate Life America advocate and often speak in many settings. I’m taken back by the amount of people who are unaware of the need and not registered, although they support organ donation. These books can be tools for organ donation awareness and the effect it has on people in need of a transplant and their friends and family.


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