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A Breath Away




oseph Galloway, a wealthy lawyer in Chicago, and his wife, Gabby Galloway had big plans for their daughter, Lizzy: college in Chicago and then International studies overseas. Instead, Lizzy runs off to marry Bud Hahn, a poor groundskeeper in Ashland, Kentucky and has three children. Mary, her last, was born early after a troublesome pregnancy and by the time Mary is seven, Lizzy dies from complications caused by the pregnancy.


   Family dynamics become dismal and Lonnie, the second child, runs away and ends up in prison as Mary lays in a hospital waiting for a lung transplant. Within hours of her last breath, Mary receives a miraculous double lung transplant and returns home after two weeks of recovery.


   The family gathers three months later, with the oldest son, Ethan, his wife and two young children, Aunt Elizabeth, Bud Hahn, and Mary. They celebrate Mary’s birthday and find it remarkable how Mary has developed new and strange personality traits. After many questions are asked, they are forced to reveal to Mary who her lung donor was.


   The news devastates Mary, but she eventually chooses to live the life her donor always dreamed of living.

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